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Things that make me laugh

Gary Gould — Managing Editor

Gary Gould — Managing Editor

I love it when I hear something that just makes me laugh uncontrollably. All too often we go through life stressed out about things happening at work, at home and in our daily lives that we don’t take a step back and enjoy the funny things in life.

Visually funny things are good for a laugh, but it’s also the things people say and the way they say them that often leave me with a big smile.

• Grocery shopping is always one of my favorite things to do when I need a laugh. I guarantee any time I go shopping for more than just a quick in-and-out item or two, I’m bound to see or hear something funny.

Not long ago on a shopping excursion when we came upon an older woman driving a motorized shopping cart traveling at a snail’s pace down the aisle. I couldn’t help but lean over to Anita and say: “I’ll bet she’s been shopping all day.”

No offense intended to people with mobility issues, I just think personally I’d want a motorized cart that could drive faster than 50 feet an hour.

• My sister Chris is another good source of comedic material. First she has the same sense of humor I have, second she’ll say just about anything.

The other day she told me she was driving to Detroit Metro Airport to pick up one of her sons. I asked if she would be able to find it on her own and she said she had it covered.

“I have a GPS,” she said, referring to a global position system. “It’s a GPS but I call it a M-A-P, because that’s really what they are.”

I had little confidence in her getting there because in the next breath she says, “It told me it’s 200 miles to get there.”

“From Flint?” I asked. “No, it’s not.” “Oh, that’s 200 feet from my house to the next turn,” she said, realizing her mistake.

I love her … but I think she’s adopted.

• We went to a haunted trail last weekend put on by some local high school students. I love Halloween so I was ready to see something scary. The trail was great, but as we passed a shack I heard movement. Shining my flashlight on the source of the noise, a teenager stood up and tried unsuccessfully to start a chainsaw.

“There he is!” I told the others in my group.

The unsuccessful chainsaw murderer lowered and shook his head and said: “I’m terrible at this.” Maybe not as a

Halloween trail killer, but kid, you may have a future in comedy.

• I think texting is funny to begin with — people trying to effectively communicate by pressing tiny buttons with their thumbs on a sliding keypad. I’m as guilty as the next 14-yearold girl when it comes to texting, but I heard one of the funniest remarks while listening to the details of someone’s text message with a former friend with whom they were arguing.

The conversation had to do with maturity and the person in question ended with the statement: “That’s being really mature, later hater” followed by a series of expletives. OK, saying something like “later hater” is about as third grade as you can get. Then adding profanity brings it down to an even more ridiculous level of immaturity.

What ever happened to good old fashioned face-to-face arguing? At least then you can laugh in the other person’s face when they say something immature so they know how stupid they really sound.

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