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Cleaning out files from 2012

Gary Gould — Managing Editor

Gary Gould — Managing Editor

I know the end of the year is still weeks away, but I decided now was a good time to liquidate my remaining vanity plates for 2012. As I’ve written here before, I collect these throughout the year — either from vanity license plates I see on the road or those other people see and pass along.

Every time I write one of these columns I think I’ve seen the best of the vanity tags, but they just seem to get better each time and there always seem to be more where the last batch came from.

Here’s the last of my vanity plates for 2012:

WINGGRL— I haven’t decided if this plate means the driver considers herself to be someone else’s wingman — you know, like Goose was Maverick’s wingman or copilot in “Top Gun” — or if she’s a fan of the Detroit Red Wings? There is also the further possibility she just likes a big batch of hot wings to eat.

4 TUNE —Is this a musical reference? Or is someone trying to say they are out driving the roads in Genesee County seeking their “fortune”? If it’s the latter it may take a while.

ROKNMOM — My colleague Rhonda Sanders spotted this plate on the back-end of a black Cadillac CTS. I get this one — mom fancies herself a “rock star.” I picture her jamming to old ’80s hair metal as she cruises around (in style) on her daily errands. Please, just stay off the hood when Whitesnake comes on.

BRBIES — Saw this bright yellow Hummer and fully expected to see Ken and Barbie hop out, straight from “Toy Story 3.” Now if they park it in front of a pink and purple townhouse, I’m really going to start to wonder. BAMMER1— Possibly someone who is a native of Alabama? A search of the Urban Dictionary reveals “bammer” also can mean something that is “qualitatively negative; bad or lame.” If this is so, cheer up and let’s work on that self-esteem. Losing the plate may be the first step on the road to recovery.

ZOMBEES — My colleague Paula Barbee showed me this one. Being a fan of anything zombie-related I have to say this plate was something I’d have on my own car. And if there’s ever a real zombie apocalypse, having this on the back of your car means you can fool the zombies into thinking you’re one of them.



Would be better tacked to a broom, rather than a car, don’t you think? Hopefully this car isn’t prone to having houses dropped on it and it doesn’t dissolve into vapor when it gets wet.

AND HAM — Seen at a local sub sandwich shop. Not sure if this is the owner’s car with a little deli-humor thrown in, or how this sandwich lover completes an order at the drive-thru window.

MR BLUZ — Another musical offering I’m thinking, or the official ride of the Blue Man Group.

HIIQK9 — This is cute. I had to take a look to see if the K9 was driving. He or she was not. Apparently not that high of an IQ afterall.

GOODBYE — North Carolina plates on a Corvette I saw racing past me on I-69 one day. I think this plate made its point — and mine as well. I’ll have more plates for you in 2013.

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