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Gary Gould — Managing Editor

Gary Gould — Managing Editor

I ’ve known for some time I needed glasses. I used to have great eyesight, but in recent years I’ve noticed print getting fuzzy, some words in books nearly impossible to read without holding the pages close.

Yes, the old eyesight isn’t what it used to be. So I finally went to the eye doctor to have an examination.

Sure enough, he said I wasn’t seeing so great either. I needed glasses. Most of my family members wear glasses, so I guess it shouldn’t have come as a surprise to me that I would someday need them too.

Still, it made me feel old when I found out for certain I needed glasses. It shouldn’t, since even children wear glasses. But for me it was a moment when I knew I was no longer up to par physically with what I had been as a young man.

Going in for the eye exam was the hardest part of the process. It wasn’t that the exam scared me. I knew it wasn’t painful and the only real discomfort is the glaucoma test when they touch an instrument to your eyeball and dilate the pupil which made my vision a little (more) blurry. It was the fact I knew the doctor would find something wrong.

He did find I needed a slight prescription and that I have a little bit of an astigmatism. Even though it wasn’t the news I’d hoped for — maybe instead I just wanted to know the world really didn’t just look fuzzy to me, that maybe it had gotten fuzzier in general for everyone — but it wasn’t so bad after all.

As he pulled up lenses on the machine while conducting my eye exam, the print on the chart in front of me became more and more clear. To be honest, I think my eyes have been bad for so long I’d just accepted print as looking blurry. To be able to see clearly again was actually quite amazing.

I no longer have to lean close to the computer screen or hold a book up to my face to read it. I can read medicine bottles and the instructions or cards for a board game.

Most importantly I can read the newspaper without struggling with it — which someone pointed out is somehow crucial since I am the editor.

Go figure.

For now it’s only a pair of reading glasses I require, though it was suggested I consider bifocals. Perhaps down the road I’ll go that route, but for now I’m content having reading glasses so I can do my job, enjoy a book and see what’s on a computer screen without squinting.

So I will continue trying and stay ahead of the aging process, hoping my hearing stays strong, the wrinkles stay away and the hair — well, I think it’s too late for the hair — but I can at least keep what little of that I have left.

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