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Evil keeps trying, but it just makes us stronger

Gary Gould — Managing Editor

Gary Gould — Managing Editor

A nother terrorist attack this week, this time at the Boston Marathon.

Unlike the terrorists who perpetuated the shootings in Denver, Colo., and Newtown, Conn., this killer (or killers) likes to hide backpacks filled with explosives in trash bins and then sit back to watch his handiwork unfold.

Evil, they say, never sleeps, and again it has raised its ugly head and is trying to intimidate good, honest, hardworking people by attacking a 117-year-old marathon in a city where blood has been shed before in the name of freedom.

The message sent by this coward is simple — we will not bow to you, or cater to you, or listen to you if this is the way you want to get our attention. What we will do is hunt you, hopefully capture you and ultimately end your miserable life.

You try to break us with your violence, like a bully breaks his or her victim through name-calling and often violence. But we will not break. We will stand there with our blackened eye and we will urge you to try that again — because next time we will catch you.

Evil likes to strike when no one is expecting it. It likes to blind-side good people and take from us those who are precious — children — and those who stand for a good cause, like runners in the marathon. And yes, while you are hurting us, at the same time you are just making us stronger so we can face you and put evil back where it belongs.

I have seen acts of violence unfold — like Columbine, like 9/11, like Boston — and the debate often digresses from there into issues like gun control, how the U.S. has treated the Middle East and what can be done to make this country a safer place.

My feelings are this — you don’t need a gun to kill people (obvious from Monday’s attack and 9/11); it doesn’t matter how our nation treats others, we’ll always be hated; and if we’re going to take the steps to make this a safer nation then we need to stop being lax every so many years and be security conscious all the time.

But in addition to being vigilant we need to be tough. We need to have stricter laws in dealing with terrorists and we need to stick by them. No bargains, no plea deals, no slap on the wrist.

We need to not tie the hands of our military personnel when dealing with foreign threats and we can’t label every home-brewed terrorist we encounter mentally ill and send them for a nice vacation in a hospital for the criminally insane. If they were capable of picking up a gun or explosive, were able to plan a shooting or bombing, then they are capable of facing federal charges and, ultimately if found guilty, the death penalty.

Sound harsh? Maybe it is. But I for one am not going to let evil people like the person(s) who attacked the Boston Marathon Monday win. I’m not going to feel bad for them because they had a bad childhood. I’m not going to feel bad for them if they were an outcast from society. I just want them to pay for what they did.

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