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Never a lack of license plates

Gary Gould — Managing Editor

Gary Gould — Managing Editor

Summer is in full swing now and I’m finding a lot of vanity plates on the roads of Genesee County and beyond. As always, people find the most funny, interesting ways to express themselves with their plates.

Here’s a few I’ve dug up, some with the help of readers and friends:

LOVE2H8 — They say there’s a fine line between love and hate. Well, this plate is pretty blunt about how the driver feels. Don’t get on his or her bad side, or you might find yourself on the receiving end of some hate dealt out in loving doses.

ALIMONY — Someone either hates paying it, or loves receiving it. I’m not sure which applies to this driver, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say this car may have been part of a divorce settlement which favored the driver.

NITEMVS — A Bob Seger fan? Maybe they’re trying to make the front page, drive-in news? Well, they made this column, so apparently their moves are working.

CA5H — I like the numeral “5” used instead of the letter “S.” This person has their mind on their money and money on their mind.

AIRTRFK — Hey pal, let’s just worry about the traffic on the ground. Unless I’m in a plane, I don’t really care about air traffic. Eyes on the road at all times — got it?

OKK GOO — Jack from Davison emailed me recently and asked me if I had any idea what this means. At first I didn’t. Then I thought maybe it had something to do with a baby (goo goo) or something slimy (goo). But I think this person is trying to say “OK, GO!” — as in drive away really fast in their car.

2HI2CU — Diane from Grand Blanc e-mailed me also to tell me about a blue Chevy Cavalier with a sheet shoved up in the back window, filled with four “young guys.” The plate being 2HI2CU suggests the sheet in the window was blocking their view of Diane, or maybe they were concealing some sort of activity in the car which was causing a chemically induced visual impairment.

Either way, please fellas, as I’ve said before — keep your eyes on the road!

TEA 42 — Another reader wrote in with this one. A veterans plate on a MINI Cooper (a British car). Knowing how much the British love their tea, we’re guessing it means “tea for two.” Or TEA 42 is a top secret, covert operations, special forces team? But if they’re British special forces, I’m still going to bet they love their tea.

GRNSLAM — My buddy Dave in Canton saw this one and believes the driver is most likely an ardent baseball fan. Or, as I theorize, they may also be a fan of the grand slam breakfast at Denny’s. On the other hand, the plate is hopefully not a description of their driving ability.

ROKNHOT — From my friend Dave again. He said he saw it on a parked vehicle but wasn’t able to stick around to see who the driver was. Sure Dave, I’m not buying that for one minute. You know you stuck around to see who was driving, didn’t you?

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