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Vanity plates rule the roads

Gary Gould — Managing Editor

Gary Gould — Managing Editor

Lately it seems I can’t go anywhere without being deluged with vanity license plates. I devote this space occasionally to some of the plates out there I see and I try to make sense (or fun) of the message the driver of the car is trying to express.

Here’s a sampling of what Anita and I have seen recently out on the roads around Genesee County:

JJ JAY — Somebody likes the letter “J” a lot. Is it possible for someone to have that many Js in one’s name? Well, I’m one to talk with two Gs in my name.

KIT 85 — I was literally driving northbound on US 23 the other day when a black 1985 Trans Am came up behind me. Looking in the rearview mirror I saw the car had a red light strobing back and forth across the front-end.

Anita, noticing I was looking in the mirror, asked what was wrong. I replied: “Oh nothing, Kitt just pulled up behind us.”

I let the car pass (didn’t want to stand in the way of Kitt saving the world) and sure enough, the owner had decked the car out to look like the talking black Trans Am from the old TV series Knight Rider. The only thing missing was David Hasselhoff.

SP EDTR — This plate was slapped on a new Mustang and when I saw it, at first, I thought it belonged to someone in the journalism profession — “sports editor.” My first question was who working in journalism can afford THAT? Then Anita pointed out to me it stood for “Speed Eater.” That put me at ease because I seriously wanted to know where the owner of that car worked — not that I was interested.

RUTROW2 — Pretty sure this was on the backend of a 1969 Volkswagen van with a flowery paint job and the words The Mystery Machine emblazoned across the sides. If it wasn’t, it should have been, because that sounds like Scooby Doo, man! Zoinks!

6CESS — I get it, “success.” May have accomplished a lot in the world, but apparently not spelling.

HANK II — I’m taking a guess this is a Hank

Williams Jr. fan. Seeing it right around the time football season began, I’m asking myself “Are you ready for some football?” Or maybe I should just enjoy a little

“Family Tradition.”

BIG UNIT — OK, I’m not even going to touch this one. Next please!

PM BEAR — Belonging to a large, hairy, nocturnal man perhaps?

BUGLITE — Does this car also serve as a bug zapper? Or is it designed to reduce bug splatter on the front and windshield?

YORKMAN — Is this a man from New York? Or maybe it’s someone who loves York Peppermint Patties? Enquiring minds want to know.

ESK1MO — I love people who incorporate numbers into vanity plates as letters. I take it this is someone who loves the snow and cold?

There was another plate similar to this on my list that read: STYL1ST. Either this person does hair, or they are just a style guru.

Stay tuned for future vanity plate entries. I will continue to hunt them down to share here when I can

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