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In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a new newspaper in town. This is the first edition of the Swartz Creek
We are a weekly publication that will be mailed to homes in your community on Thursday. We hope to bring you the latest about your community — from the decisions made by City Council to what’s happening in Swartz Creek schools.

For background on this new publication, see the story on page 1. To summarize that story View
have been publishing in Grand Blanc, Burton and Davison for the past few years, in addition to our Lapeer and Thumb publications. We felt this move into the west side of Genesee County was a good fit for us and we believe the community is asking for a local newspaper with good, strong coverage.

I am the managing editor of all five Genesee County publications. I got my start, surprisingly, right here back in 1988 when I was hired right out of college to be a reporter for what was then called The West Valley News.
My first job was covering Swartz Creek, Flint and Mundy townships.

I then spent 13 years working for The Oakland Press
in Pontiac until I was laid off during budget cuts a few years ago. I eventually ended up here at The View as editor. Having been born and raised in Genesee County and having lived

here my entire life, taking the helm of the Genesee County View papers seemed like a natural fit.

So far, I can’t complain. As we continue to grow, my responsibilities have increased, but so has our opportunity to report news and features to a much wider audience.

We want your news. We want to know what you and your neighbors think are important stories we should be covering. We want your letters to the editor and your birth, wedding, engagement and other special occasion announcements. We want to offer you a community calendar where you can find listings of local events and a sports section filled with coverage of local high school sports each week.

The View wants to be your onestop place to go for news, features and advertising. As we come to your household each week, we hope you’ll read us and tell us what you like and what you don’t like so we can better serve you in the long run.

You can contact me at 810-452- 2650 or e-mail me at
You can also contact reporter Natalie Blythe at 866-348-8439, ext. 1212 (e-mail at
or sales rep Cheryll Rak at 810-452- 2628 (e-mail

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