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Super Bowl 49 will be forever linked to this phrase. The Seattle Seahawks were first-and-goal from the 5 with under a minute to go for the win on Sunday. Oh, and let’s not forget the lucky catch by Jermaine Kearse that put them in this fortunate spot. Marshawn Lynch, the one and only Beast Mode, gained 4 yards on the first carry down to the 1-yard line. The whole world knows Beast Mode is getting the ball and if that fails he’s getting it a second time! But what do the Seattle “Stupid Hawks” do? They go into “Least Mode” and throw a pass! New England rookie Malcom Butler picks it off and the Patriots win the game. Tom Brady wins his fourth Super Bowl and the New England Patriots win their fourth Super Bowl as a franchise. The decision by the Seattle offensive coordinator and Pete Carroll will go down as the dumbest play call ever. Pete thought he would outsmart himself and make himself look like a genius. Hey, Pete, put on your dunce cap and go sit in the corner! The play call would be like letting Michael Jordon shoot the final shot to win the game or let Horace Grant take it? Duh!

Pete’s explanation was a third-grade excuse, saying the defense dictated a pass! Let’s be totally and brutally honest; the Seattle passing game was abysmal all game long. The throw by Russell Wilson was terrible, too. Lynch carried this team all season long offensively and he deserved the opportunity to win it for his team. The Seattle defense played very average and Brady carved them up. Seattle blew a 10-point lead in the second half, something it had not done in its previous 30 games. The Seattle football team cost me my Super Bowl prediction of a Seattle win and I am still mad about it! It also cost me a Capital One moment: What’s in the Fat Guy’s wallet? No money now, is the answer!! I started rolling all my change on Monday morning!

One thing I thought was real cool, though, is Brady giving away his MVP truck to Butler! I will say Butler was the true MVP because without that play, Seattle probably wins.

The NFL season is over and now we wait for free agency and the NFL draft. At least the Super Bowl lived up to the hype of being a great game; that we all can agree on!

More bad news

The NFL Network had to let go of big mouth Warren Sapp after his Super Bowl performance. Yes, Warren was picked up for soliciting a prostitute out in Arizona. There is also the possibility of assault charges against Mr. Sapp. Please don’t feel sorry for this poor Sapp as he has been involved in assaults before. The NFL is already fighting an image problem. I am sure it was disappointed to hear this disturbing news. I say, Warren Sapp, nice job embarrassing the NFL and the NFL Network. I hope you enjoyed tossing a career down the drain. Good bye, Warren, and go beat yourself up over this dumb choice you made.

Tigers honor a good guy

The sad news of Dave Bergman, the versatile role player for the Detroit Tigers’ World Series team of 1984 passing away also hit people hard. “Bergie,” as he was known, played a solid 17-year career in the “Bigs.” He spent the last nine years of his career with the Tigers. He played first base and the outfield, or anywhere else he was needed. He was a great guy and a team player. I always loved Bergman because he was a good club house man and never complained. RIP Dave “Bergie” Bergman.

SPORT SNACKS: Michigan State’s men’s hoops team defeated Michigan in overtime on Sunday. I watched the game and in my opinion neither one of these two basketball teams is very good. However, it’s early yet with still a month and a half left before the March tournament.

This Wednesday is national signing day for college football. Michigan has two possible big recruits in Chris Clark, the tight end, and Iman Marshall, the top cornerback. Michigan hopes it can at least get one of them. Michigan State is already in the top 25 in the country and third in the Big Ten behind Penn State and Ohio State according to the experts.

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