This Just In — new specialty store opens

BURTON —According to local business owner Heidi Shears, everybody’s got to find their niche.

Shears is living by that mantra as she moves aside men’s and children’s clothing to make way for a larger junior’s and women’s selection within her consignment store, This Just In.

She’s pulled out scented candles and sheer valances to give the store more of a boutique feel. Purses and shoes are stacked neatly on shelves while Shears is working on dividing the two halves of the shop into a dressy and casual side.

Shears had a location in Clio prior to opening her shop on Richfield Road a little over a year ago.

“My first store was a little shoebox,” she said. “I found this place and I really loved it.”

Shears said that her mother, now deceased, was wary of her daughter’s move to a new location at first.

“I begged her to just come in and look at it. I finally got her in here and she said ‘I would sign the lease right now.’”

Looking back, Shears said she was glad to win her mother’s approval before her death.

“My mother wanted me to open a family business. Since I was a little kid, I’ve wanted This to work for myself,” she said. 3487

Shears says she hopes to Road, staff the store one day with reached paid workers but for now (810) relies on volunteers like her sister Veronica Hearn.

“My sister’s famous quote is she didn’t want to dig up work. So she created a job for herself,” Hearn said.

Shears, 40 and a mother of two grown children, owned a cleaning business for 15 years before opening This Just In. The Flushing resident says that the tanking economy contributed to the collapse of her first business. After looking for work for awhile, Shears decided to try opening her own business again, this time with women’s shrinking budgets in mind.

This Just In also sells small unique pieces of furniture and antiques. Shears has sold everything from antique sewing machines and irons to a bamboo ship replica.

As a consignment store, This Just In participates in the Resale

Trail program. Shears will

Just In, hand out pamphlets mapping Richfield out area secondhand can be and consignment shops and by calling make recommendations. 736-8818. “It’s like a little sisterhood of resale shops,” Hearn describes. “As a mother it’s important to know where these stores are.”

Hearn maintains that local resale stores, enjoying a recent spike in popularity, are better options than


“They’re looking for everything under the sun,” Hearn says of the shoppers, some who come in on a weekly basis.

This Just In is located at 3487

Richfield Road and can be reached by calling 810-736-8818.

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