Three charged in Valentine’s Day stabbing incident

BURTON — Three individuals have been charged in the Valentine’s Day incident that left one man dead and two injured from a stabbing attack.

Jonathan Skaggs, age 25, of Flint, allegedly took three friends and went to the house of his ex-girlfriend on Carman Street in Burton on Feb. 14. They were allegedly there to confront the former girlfriend and her new boyfriend over alleged mistreatment of Skaggs’ child with the Burton woman.

Skaggs allegedly broke into the home through the rear door and stabbed his ex-girlfriend and her husband in the arm and hand respectively.

The couple’s dog began to attack Skaggs and the husband grabbed a kitchen knife off a counter and began stabbing Skaggs and pushing him out the door where he then fell into the yard. Skaggs was declared deceased at the scene.

Skaggs’ accomplices, Joshua Childers, 27 of Flint, and Patricia Rickman, 38 of Flint, then fled the scene while being chased by a dog and were soon picked up by a getaway driver, Kyle Layman, 22 of Flushing.

They were later arrested, and Childers and Rickman were each charged with assault with intent to murder, home invasion first degree, and assault with intent to do great bodily harm.

Layman is charged with being an accessory to a felony.

Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton declined to charge the man who stabbed Skaggs ruling it a justifiable homicide under self-defense.

All three have been arraigned in 67th District Court with court hearings scheduled.