Three running for two seats on Carman-Ainsworth school board

FLINT TWP. — Incumbent school board members Waymond Beavers and James Johnson will be challenged by newcomer Todd Miller in the Nov. 3 general election for two seats on the Carman- Ainsworth Board of Education.

This is what the candidates had to say in their own words:

Waymond M. Beavers, Age: 48

Education: Rensselear Polytechnic Institute; Troy, New York, Master of Science in Engineering; Kettering University (formerly GMI Engineering and Management Institute); Flint, Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

Accomplishments: More than 29 years of dedicated service to General Motors with progressive leadership roles as: Area Manager, Safety Representative, Human Resource and Labor Professional, Engineering, and Adjunct Professor of Descriptive Geometry and Advanced Drafting.

Received corporate training in: Covid-19 Workplace Training (Trained more than 100 employees), Safety Protocols (Take Shelter, Evacuation, Active Shooter, etc.), Workplace Harassment (Zero Tolerance Policy), Forming High Performance Work Teams, Trainer

Corporate Code of Conduct.

Tell us what your goals are for the community if elected? I’ve had the honor of serving as an appointed Trustee of the Carman-Ainsworth Board of Education since August 2019. Within this appointment, I have worked on subcommittees while accumulating skills and knowledge necessary to fulfill duties of a school board member; My work is not done. I am just beginning. I am compelled to run for the open seat because of my firm conviction and belief in the value of education. The number one reason my family moved to the Carman-Ainsworth School District was the comprehensive educational opportunities. My wife and I are the proud parents of Alexandria (Class of 2020) and Waymond Michael (Class of 2022). While I have witnessed the high academic standards of the school district (high standardized test scores at the elementary level, University of Michigan-Flint DEEP Program, high college acceptance rate, etc.); I believe in continuous improvement. Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful [tool] you can use to change the world,”. With my global work experience, I want to ensure that our students obtain the critical skills (life, STEAM, and communication) needed to bring our community together as well as leveling the playing field in a global economy.

If elected, I will bring the tools necessary to provide direction and focus to the Carman-Ainsworth Board of Education.

James Johnson, Age: 54

Education: University of Massachusetts, Lowell • Certified in Digital Circuits University of Phoenix, Auburn Hill • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Various Technical Certification from: Microsoft (MCSE), CISCO (CCNA), ISACA (CISA), CompTIA. Etc.

Accomplishments: Being elected to the Carman-Ainsworth School board by Flint Township citizens, providing me a platform to collaborate with six dedicated members whose primary focus is advocating, educating and supporting Carman-Ainsworth District.

I’ve had the honor of serving as the Treasurer and President of the Carman-Ainsworth School board. Currently serving as President of the Genesee County School Board Members Association. I volunteer around 300 hours yearly teaching and/or mentoring for/not-profit originations.

Earned the Michigan Association of School Board “Award of Distinction” Selected to serve on a legislation committee that approves, rejects or modifies Senate/House bills that pertains to Michigan schools. Appointed by Region 5 to the Michigan Association of School Board of Directors in Lansing.

Tell us what your goals are for the community if elected?

• First and Foremost, I will monitor our State status and the Districts COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan. Assuring the safety of our staff and students while making sure that our plan is in alignment with the Governor and CDC requirements as they return back into the buildings. • Continue to advocate for the students of our district by approving curriculum that will provide measurable growth. Approve programs that will help eliminate the Third-Grade reading gap. It is my desire that all of our Third-Grade students become proficient readers.

• Continue to support Cultural Diversity & S.E.E.D (Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity) workshops that are provided to all of Carman-Ainsworth staff that desire to attend. It will remain my mission to see that Carman-Ainsworth School District continues to provide a safe, respectable learning environment while embracing diversity and inclusivity.

Todd W. Miller, Age: 55

Education: National Center for Construction, Midland, Certified Instructor; Eastern Michigan University, College of Education; and Mott Community College, Automotive Technology

Accomplishments: Working in the field of education since 1984 with positions including: Industrial/ Technical Instructor & GED Instructor at New Paths & Genesee County Jail; Vocational Education Instructor at Flint Community Schools & Mott Adult High School; Instructor for Education Training Connection; Community Education Welding Instructor; Title I Math Tutor; Premier Substitute with EDU/AESOP & Interventionist with Mt. Morris Community Schools.

Nearly every teaching position has been working with students with special needs, alternative, and/or considered high risk.

Professional Awards: Industrial- Vocational Education Academic Excellence Award; and Flint/Genesee Job Corps “Center Director’s Award”

Tell us what your goals are for the community if elected? I’ve been a resident and parent of students in the CACS District for nearly 20 years, and a professional in the field of education for longer than that. I have seen education go through several paradigm shifts and I’m passionate about being a part of the team that helps Carman-Ainsworth continue to be the remarkable and inclusive place it is to raise children and educate students. My background in vocational education supports my interest in ensuring that we meet the needs of students requiring and desiring education in the trades both within our school district, and in collaboration with Genesee Career Institute. Having worked with diverse student and professional populations throughout my career, my second passion is to ensure that Carman- Ainsworth Community Schools is able to educate staff and students in Anti-Biased and Anti-Racist practices, utilizing the insight of current employees as well as those of BIPOC professionals from outside of the district. It is my goal to represent our Carman-Ainsworth community to ensure the voices of all students, parents, graduates, professionals, residents, and other stakeholders are heard.

The Genesee County View will run more candidate profiles over the coming weeks for the various races through the county.