Thursday will be trash collection day

FLINT TWP. — Beginning January 8, trash pick-up day for all Flint Township homes will be on Thursday only.

Township Supervisor Karyn Miller announced and explained the coming change at the township board meeting Monday night.

Emterra Environmental, the township’s contracted waste collection service, will be mailing a green informational flyer to all residents in the next few weeks, Miller said, adding that this change does not apply to garbage collection for businesses.

Trustee Frank Kasle asked if Emterra would be able to service the entire township in one day during daylight hours. Collection is currently done over a four day period, divided into one zone each day, starting at 7 a.m. Tuesday through Friday. Therefore, collection day will remain the same for households in current Zone 3 on the side of the township, west of Linden Road.

Miller said that Emterra has already implemented one-day-a-week collection in other area communities it serves.

“We have that concern,’’ she said about the scope of the collection. The township has an estimated 10,000 stops, which multiplies with recycling and waste pickup during summer months.

Trash pickups still will take place one day later after a holiday. For example, trash will be picked up on Friday during the week of Thanksgiving.

Also yard waste collection will resume the first week of April and continue through the last week of November, as usual, Miller said.

On January 1, Emterra will begin the first year of a five-year contract extension with the township that expires Dec. 31, 2019. It is finishing up a four-year contract -2011-2014- after taking over in 2012 the township’s garbage collection contract from bankrupt Richfield Management LLC.

Under the original contract, collection rates started at $9.25 per household stop in 2011 and rose incrementally to $9.71 in 2013 and $9.90 per household in 2014.

Rates should drop back down to $9.45 per household stop in 2015, then rise to $9.60 per stop in 2016, $9.75 per stop in 2017, and $9.90 per stop in 2018 and 2019, according to a pricing schedule provided when the extended contract was approved last December. Rates are about $2 per stop lower for mobile home collections, ranging from a low of $7.20 in 2015 to a high of $7.57 in 2019.

More information about trash collection scheduling and procedures can be found on Emterra’s website at

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