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The Detroit Tigers pulled off a shocker on trade deadline day. Detroit’s Dave Dombrowski brought left hander David Price to Motown from the Tampa Bay Rays! Did any of us Tigers’ fans see this one coming? I know I sure didn’t. The rotation now has the last three Cy Young Award winning pitchers in its starting rotation. How good does that look in a playoff series? I know it really looks fabulous in a short five game series for sure.

If Justin Verlander can turn his season around and become the pitcher of the past few years, I love the Tigers’ chances of winning a World Series come October. However, I caution you, this is a BIG if on the Verlander wish.

I personally will not miss Austin Jackson or Drew Smyly. I felt they were decent ball players, yet not untouchables.

Let’s take a hard look at both players. Drew had a remarkable season last year coming out of the bullpen. However, here in 2014, as a starting pitcher he wasn’t so hot. He was a very average pitcher and that’s being kind. If Smyly wasn’t left handed he wouldn’t have been in the starting rotation, I don’t believe.

Austin Jackson was a head scratcher for all of us Tiges’ fans and is now gone. Head scratching, you ask? Yes, because he was such a wildcard at the plate. He was so hot and cold it just got frustrating to watch. As good a player as Jackson was for us, the Tigers can live without him. He was a pretty good defensive center fielder and his range will be missed in spacious Comerica Park.

I really think the play of Rajai Davis is what helped make the Tigers comfortable in dealing away Jackson. One thing about baseball is, if you want a certain player with talent you have to give up some talent. The only way we know if this trade is a huge winner will be in October and a World Series appearance.

Let’s also realize that more than likely, Max Scherzer is probably playing his last season in a Tigers’ uniform. Detroit cannot afford to pay him his worth. David Price cannot become a free agent until after the 2015 season.

Other contenders

The Oakland A’s also made some strong moves at the deadline in acquiring Jon Lester from the Boston Red Sox. A Detroit and Oakland Division American League Championship Series would be one heck of a pitching matchup come October. If Detroit’s bullpen ever shapes up, a 2014 World Series champion will be ours. Man does that statement ever sound good to my ears. Let’s Go Tigs!

We’re ready for football

The NFL season has finally kicked off as the Hall of Fame game was played in Canton, Ohio. The Giants defeated the Bills 17-13. The New York Giants will be the Lions’ first opponent on Monday night to open up the regular season.

The Lions kick off the pre-season with a home game against the Cleveland Browns on Saturday night. Of course the buzz will not be on the Lions sideline too much, I don’t believe. The buzz will be watching one Johnny Manziel take snaps for the Browns.

Yes, Lions fans, you will get the first look at the highly-touted first-round selection quarterback Mr. Football in his first NFL action. I think that alone is worth the trip to Ford Field on Saturday night. Mr. Manziel will probably torch the Lions secondary for 300 yards and run for another 100 and get the city of Cleveland all in a frenzy. Can’t you Lions’ fans just picture that happening? Oh well, let’s see what happens come Saturday night.

Final days for Woods?

Tiger Woods withdrew with a back injury from the Bridgestone Tournament last weekend. Will he play in the PGA Championship this week in Kentucky? I have to believe he won’t; he looked like he was in a bunch of pain. I have to wonder if Tiger Woods’ great career is coming to a close? I think the injuries are starting to mount and the wear and tear on his body has been huge. I don’t think he will win another major in golf to be honest. The favorite this week has to be Rory McIIroy. Rory has won the last two tournaments he has played. He looks like the Rory who was ready to dominate the world of golf.

Are they sure?

The Green Bay Packers will retire Brett Favre’s No. 4 next summer. I just wonder if then they will un-retire it then retire it then un-retire it then retire it? Well, that’s how Brett treated his last five years as a player, wasn’t it? I am just saying. …

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