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The Super Bowl is over and the Philadelphia Eagles will be defending champs next season. The next moves in the NFL will be the NFL combines, then free agency and then culminate with the NFL draft.

The Detroit Lions finally officially hired Matt Patricia as coach, as I stated they would last week. I believe the comfort of Matt’s relationship with Bob Quinn made coming to Detroit an easy choice for him. The two developed a working relationship of 14 years in the New England Patriots organization. I think the two share the same philosophies of building a winning football team.

The Lions last seasons of 9-7 need to be improved upon, though, to step up in a quest for a Super Bowl bid. Quit laughing at that one; it could happen, someday. The top issue Matt and Bob need to fix is the running game. The Lions averaged a paltry 76.3 yards per game last season. The previous seasons were no better, either. The running of the football for the Lions is a disgusting and anguishing watch every single Sunday afternoon.

I want you to run with these numbers for a second. Of the 12 teams that made the playoffs this year, nine of them were top-10 in rushing the football. There is the proof in the pudding, if you ask me. A team can throw the football all over the field for tons of yards, yet at the end of the day, rushing the ball and stopping the run equals victories. How about stopping the run? The Eagles were No. 1 at 79.2 yards a game and won the Super Bowl. Coincidence? I think not.

Let’s look at this statistic of stopping the run. Of the top-10 teams against the run, six made the playoffs. That’s half of the playoff field. It does not take a rocket scientist, Matt Patricia, to figure out your first problem in fixing the Detroit Lions! I say call Barry Sanders and get him back in shape. If only that pipe dream could come true!

The new defensive coordinator is Paul Pasqualoni. Paul has 46 years of coaching experience, nine of which came in the NFL. Paul was a college head coach at U-Conn from 2011-13 and at Syracuse from 1991-2004. I have no idea how good of a defensive coordinator he will become, so we will all have to wait and see.

Matt Patricia becomes the 27th head coach of the Detroit Lions and let’s all hope it was the right hire. The negativity of all Lions moves are scrutinized by us fans because the movie always ends up with the same old script. The hope turns to our favorite saying: Same Old Lions! I would love to remove the tag from this losing franchise! Come on, Matt, we want to at least have a home playoff game in 2018- 19.


The Olympics from Pyeonchang are on television every single night. I have to be honest, though, in that I have only watched bits and pieces. The snow boarders are actually crazy flying through the air like crazy humans. I often ask myself, how do you try all this stuff for the first time? I will start watching more when the hockey games start playing.

Is Stan on his way out?

The Detroit Pistons’ Blake Griffin trade started out red hot winning four straight games. It didn’t take long to lose three straight games to the Clippers, Hawks and Pelicans. The problem with those three losses is that none of the three are very good basketball teams. I see the end for Stan Van Gundy at the end of the season. The Pistons refuse to play hard on a nightly basis, in my opinion.

Hockeytown shakeup

The Detroit Red Wings will miss the playoffs for a second consecutive season. How much longer will Kenny Holland and Jeff Blashill get a free pass as general manager and coach? The Red Wings make the same mistakes game after game, and I believe they also don’t play hard on a nightly basis. I think a huge shakeup is needed in Hockeytown and shake it up fast, I say. I can’t stand watching horrible hockey in the dead of winter. I got spoiled over the years, but two years of this horrible hockey is enough! Let’s see some people be held accountable, please!

Sparty ekes out another win

The Michigan State Spartans collected a huge home win over Purdue at home in men’s basketball Thursday night. The Spartans are one game behind Ohio State in the Big Ten standings. The Big Ten champ will be the Spartans, Buckeyes or Boilermakers, so the month of February will be a great watch. Bring on March Madness; I can’t wait. thefatguy@mihomepaper.com

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