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The Michigan State Spartans derailed Michigan for the third straight time Saturday and won the Big Ten Championship. The Wolverines, once again, had big leads only to watch the Spartans storm back and win the game! Oh well, Michigan fans, there is always next year and bragging rights are firmly in East Lansing, Michigan until next season.

The NCAA tournament is next for both teams and National Title hopes are the goal for both. The bouncing of orange pumpkins, upsets, heartbreaks, buzzer beaters, and Cinderella stories all add up to MARCH MADNESS! Let’s get the “madness” started and fill out those office pool brackets and watch some college hoops! Man, oh man, do I love the March Madness time! Let’s break down the brackets and try to pick a few winners and a upset or sleeper team in all the brackets.

Tar Heels top seed in Midwest

The Midwest’s No. 1-seed is the North Carolina Tar Heels. I do think this is the toughest bracket of the four brackets. The No. 2-seed, Kentucky Wildcats, are a dangerous basketball team, as John Calipari has them playing great basketball right now. The Houston team as a three seed could be very under-valued in this bracket They play solid defense and exhibit balanced scoring, so keep your eye out for them.

How about Kansas as a four seed? I do not like them, however, as they have suffered too many injuries. I like Iowa State as a six seed to win some games, as they are my sleeper. The Wofford Team will defeat Seton Hall and Utah State will beat Washington. The Sweet Sixteen teams: North Carolina, Kentucky, Iowa State, and Auburn.

I see upsets in the South

The South bracket has choking Virginia as the No. 1 seed and who can forget last year’s debacle for Virginia. The first one seed to lose to a 16 seed. I think this is a strong two seed in Tennessee and I like this basketball team a bunch. The Oregon Ducks, a 12 seed will defeat the five seeded Wisconsin team. The UC Irvine team upsets the Kansas State Wildcats. Yes, the Anteaters will get it done! What a mascot name! The Sweet Sixteen teams: Virginia, UC Irvine, Purdue and Tennessee.

Wolverines in the Sweet 16

The West bracket has Gonzaga, a No. 1 seed and Michigan, the No. 2 seed. I think this West can be won by Michigan, actually, because do we really know how good Gonzaga is? They play in such a weak conference. The three seed, Texas Tech, struggles offensively, but can lock you down with stifling defense. The four seed, Florida State, is long and very athletic, but struggles offensively. The 12 seed, Murray State, and five seed, Marquette, will be a great contest. The sleeper team is the Buffalo Bulls out of the MAC as a six seed. The Bulls will not be intimidated and are an experienced basketball team. I like this team a lot. I also hate the fact Michigan is playing Montana for the second straight year! The tip is Thursday at 9:20 p.m. The Sweet Sixteen: Gonzaga, Michigan, Buffalo and Marquette.

Spartans get raw deal again

The East bracket has the No. 1-overall seed, Duke, and No. 2 seed, Michigan State. What a raw and smelly deal the Spartans received here. Seriously! The committee blew this bad. The Spartans play at 2:45 p.m. on Thursday against Bradley. The 12 seed, Liberty, will give five seed, Mississippi State, all they want and I smell a possible upset here. I think Maryland will lose to Belmont if they win their play-in game. It’s hard to back LSU with all the turmoil surrounding its suspended head coach, Will Wade. One must keep an eye on Virginia Tech, which is finally healthy. This bracket will come down to Michigan State and Duke for the right to go to the Final Four. The Sweet Sixteen: Duke, MSU, Virginia Tech and LSU.

I hope all your brackets come in and you make a few bucks. thefatguy@mihomepaper.com

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