Time to help choose a new twp. name

FLINT TWP. — Any resident interested in suggesting a new name for the township has until March 30 to fill out a nomination form posted on the township’s website at www.flinttownship.org.

It was created by the township’s Suggestion Committee that has been meeting for about five months to explore either converting to a city, changing only the township’s name or leaving things as they are.

The Committee voted at its February 23 meeting to recommend a name change to the township board of trustees which would ultimately be responsible for putting the decision before all township voters.

At its March 2 meeting, the committee reviewed and finalized a report with its recommendation that will be formally submitted to the township board. It included a blank space where the selected name or names for the township will be inserted, after a discussion at the next and probably final Committee meeting, at 6 p.m. on March 30.

With some small tweaks and deletions, the Committee’s recommendations to the township board include that:

• That before proceeding with the name change process, the Township Board of Trustees will first submit the proposed name change to voters at the next regular or special election.

• If approved by the voters, that the name be submitted to the Genesee County Board of Commissioners as provided by the State of Michigan Constitution, with the guidance of the Township’s attorney.

• When approved by the Commissioners, the transition to the new name should be done as economically as possible such as replacing signs on vehicles when new ones are purchased or on stationery when supplies are used up or need to be changed.

• That only the new name be used, dropping the township reference similar to what is done in other communities such as the Village of Gaines being referred to only as Gaines and Chesterfield Township being called only Chesterfield.

• That all organizations be encouraged to use the new name immediately upon its adoption.

• That the Trustees petition the U.S. Post Office to assist in solidifying the township’s new identity by changing the ZIP Code addresses to reflect actual physical location, reflecting township boundaries. But if a complete ZIP Code overhaul is not possible then to try to get the new name attached to 48507 and 48532, which have a majority of township addresses.

• That the Trustees petition postal officials to change the name of the Flint Southwest Post Office to the new name. Members of the committee applauded Jerry Preston, committee chairman, for drafting the language of the final report.

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