Times like these make me happy to be in local media



Most news people aspire to one day make it to the big time — New York, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, Chicago. Covering big stories about important national and international events, that’s what most kids come up through college thinking.

Back in my day every journalist wanted to be the next Woodward and Bernstein, blowing the lid off a major story like Watergate, writing in-depth investigative pieces, books and screenplays. The days of bringing down corrupt national politicians with real, hard-hitting news are over.

Today, most bigtime politicians are brought down by scandals involving sex, or drugs or because they said something which offended a certain segment of the population. Scandal isn’t illegally wire-tapping the political offices of a rival campaign, it’s because someone saidVisitsomethingUs offensive and got themselves in hot water.

LikeTodaythe 2016 presidential race. The GOP contenders are lining up and honestly, I think people are listening mostly to Donald Trump because — 1.) He’s loud and obnoxious; and 2.) No one knows who the other 15 candidates are. Really, I have a hard time telling Scott Walker from Lindsay Graham from Mike Huckabee. They all sound the same, in many cases look the same and they are all towing that party line.

Trump may be a horse’s behind, but at least he’s speaking his mind. Maybe that’s why everyone wants to keep him out of the race. Can’t have an outsider turning the campaign upside-down. The president has put an historic arms agreement on the table for Iran to sign. He says it will be good for us. Bad news for our allies, like Israel. But oh well, do we really need allies? And the terms of this arms deal sound great — if you’re Iranian. They can turn down arms inspections whenever they feel like it.

They get to keep their nuclear program. And they get to still say they are going to destroy the U.S. someday. Yeah, see, that’s not how a “treaty” works — but Obama and John Kerry say it’s a victory. We’ll see how that works out.

Then I look around and I see where going public as transgendered will win you a prestigious award for heroism. Nine people are murdered by a racist, but a Confederate flag is considered to be more dangerous. And a religious zealot shoots up a military recruiting center and kills five American servicemen who were unable to defend themselves because our president wouldn’t allow them to be armed.

Yes, I think I’m happy being right here in the community where I grew up covering the news that really matters. There’s an old saying “the world is going to Hell in a Handbasket” and I believe this applies to the happenings in the world today. I’m not making this statement as a Democrat or Republican, religious or non-religious. It’s just the way I see it — something the masses, national media and international community haven’t taken away from us yet. ggould@mihomerpaper.com

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