To mask or not to mask, that is the question.

Your answer may be right for you, but not right for me; my answer may be right for me, but not right for you. I respect and protect your right to social-distance, wear a mask, shield, gloves, a hazmat suit if you choose, but expect you to respect and protect my right allowing me, not my neighbor and certainly not the government, to determine my own health regimen.

Medical professionals generally agree that Vitamin D, zinc, exercise, and a healthful diet contribute to a strong immune system which may mitigate the effects of a virus, and, if needed, therapeutics — the way we treat the “regular” flu. (Where IS the regular flu??) Several therapeutics to counteract COVID were endorsed by the “wrong person” and were cancel-culture-banned; consequently, the government and state/social media won’t mention ANY therapeutics, only the vaccine.

My opinion? Masks available to the general public offer only minimal protection and, in fact, may even facilitate the spread of the virus, an opinion shared — until he got the memo! — by St. — Dr. Fauci.

The government issues mandates rescinding our God-given constitutional rights, then continues the fear-mongering, ultimately “requiring” more mandates “for your own good,” choosing who will be restricted and how severely, until more resisters submit, denigrating those who don’t. We see it happening.

The 9-2 letter in the Genesee County View states “politics” should “mean nothing” when it comes to children. Too late. COVID has been politicized from day one. Examples: Rahm Emanuel’s famous 2008, reprised in 2020, quote, “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

And remember at the outset of COVID when gatherings were prohibited — except “protests against racism,” which were deemed “a worthwhile cause” and, therefore, safe?

My opinions/decisions on masks, mandates, prevention, and treatment are influenced by common sense, not politics, leading me to applaud the letter’s caution to not “let any political party tell you that our children’s lives are not precious,” referring to the political party that vociferously advocates aborting those precious babies, I assume? Their version of “science” also validates gender fluidity and, insanely, the notion of males’ ability to menstruate, give birth, and chestfeed! We who disagree are berated and called a lot of isms.

Common sense, please! — Theresa Weigand, Grand Blanc