Township approves reducing code enforcement position to part-time

Board votes for early retirement agreement with O’Leary

— The Flint Township Board of Trustees voted 4-3, with Treasurer Sandra Wright and Trustees Frank Kasle and George Menoutes dissenting, to reduce its full-time code enforcement officer position to a part-time position at its Oct. 18 Board of Trustees meeting.

In a memo to the Board of Trustees dated Oct. 15, Supervisor Karyn Miller said that “due to budget constraints and the noxious weed season ending on Oct. 1, 2010, and the fact that, historically, Flint Township has never employed a full-time code enforcement officer, I am recommending that this full-time position, with benefits, be reduced to a part-time position, with no benefits, not to exceed 21 hours a week.” The full-time position in question is held by Mike Myatt, and the board received a document outlining the building department’s code enforcement revenues and expenditures. The document also contained information on the number of inspections performed during Jan.-Aug. 2009 and Jan.-Aug. 2010 by Myatt and also Gerald Whitacre, a part-time code enforcement officer. The document shows that Myatt performed 2.7 inspections per week and Whitacre performed 4.5 inspections per week for the first time frame. During the Jan.-Aug. 2010 time frame, Myatt performed 3.3 inspections per week while Whitacre performed 4.4 inspections per week.

Kasle vocalized his disapproval with the motion, saying that Miller was “incorrect” for saying that the township historically did not employ a full-time officer. “I don’t believe that’s the case. We had a full-time person for 10 years or so,” he said. “We need a full-time enforcement officer to enforce the code. If there is no enforcing, what’s the sense of passing ordinances? There’s a lot going on that needs attention, and it sends the wrong message to not have a full-time officer. Mike does a good job.”

In response, Miller said she never suggested not enforcing the code but that the township could “get the job done with a part-time person.”

“We are facing a major revenue crisis and we need to cut expenses,” she said.

Kasle said he commended Miller for trying to save money, but he felt it was wrong to bring up the number of inspections by Myatt and Whitacre. “The numbers of inspections is missing the point,” he said. “Inspectors do different types of jobs.”

Along with the part-time code enforcement officer position, the board also unanimously approved an early retirement agreement for Michael O’Leary, deputy building inspector for the township. Miller said the agreement was drafted by Attorney Stacy Belisle.

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