Township approves update of county auto theft council

— Flint Township Board of Trustees unanimously approved an update to the mutual aid agreement to participate in G.A.I.N., the Genesee County auto theft control council at its Sept. 7 meeting.

Police Chief George Sippert gave an overview of the agenda item, saying it was not new but only an update to agreement for G.A.I.N. The Flint Township Police Department has been a member of G.A.I.N. since 1991, and the last time an update was made was in 2005.

“In the last year, G.A.I.N. authority has a new president for its board of directors, and all members were asked to renew the mutual aid agreement,” Sippert said. “Over the years, we saw people pull out and I’ve had real concerns but two years ago, a new person was put in charge and I saw improvements. It’s a good bargain for us. There are no dues, and we pay half of a person’s wage and ATPA (Auto Theft Prevention Authority) pays the other half.”

Sippert said when a stolen auto complaint comes to the police department, the complaint is turned over to the auto theft control unit and that court time fees and overtime costs are picked up by the unit as well.

In regards to a question by Trustee George Menoutes as to the township’s status with G.A.I.N., Sippert said the township is a permanent member.

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