Township asks civil service to approve fire dept. promotion

FLINT TWP. — The fire department is asking for the promotion of a sergeant to a captain as one of its officers prepares to retire in the months ahead.

Captain Loren Colbert is expected to submit his paperwork for retirement in the near future, so Chief Thomas Stadler has asked the Board of Trustees, Oct. 1, to promote a sergeant from the department to the rank of captain.

“Your fire department is in a structural transition, with new leadership and new personnel. We are building a foundation for current and future success,” said Stadler. “Part of this transition includes the replacement of vital positions in our rank structure. With the pending retirement of Captain Colbert, we have the need to fill a captain position.”

Treasurer Lisa Anderson said she would be more comfortable asking the Civil Service Commission to promote someone if Colbert had already turned in his retirement paperwork.

Stadler said while Colbert’s retirement is pending, it is expected to happen and he wanted to have the process started for replacing him. If for some reason there was not a retirement, Stadler said the process would go no further.

The captain position is vital to the success of the Fire Department, as that position conducts fire inspections, plan review and oversees department activities, he said. The captain position also provides command-level direction and leadership for emergency incidents, and oversight of the department in the absence of a chief officer.

The board unanimously voted to have the civil service commission name a qualified sergeant from the department for promotion to captain.

The chief put through a request to Donald Rockwell, President of the Flint Township Civil Service Commission informing him the department has open position for Fire Captain.

The commission will now provide the Board of Trustees with the name of the highest scoring candidate eligible for the position of Fire Captain.

Further action will take place in the weeks ahead.

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