Township beefing up security

FLINT TWP. — The township board has approved the purchase of security barriers for the treasure’s wing of the township administration building, part of an ongoing effort during the past few months to upgrade security at township buildings.

The barrier includes bullet-resistant glass and stainless steel mounted cash trays and a solid core entry door with bullet resistant Fiberglass Armor.

Six employees work in the area, collecting money from the public.

Two bids were reviewed – one for $53,335 from Installations Inc. of Redford and one for $42,346 from Insulgard of Brighton. The board approved the bid from Installations.

Mike Pifer from Kraft Engineering and Surveying, Inc., was brought in to review both proposals on costs and scope and also various security projects throughout the municipal building.

Clerk Kathy Funk said that the representative from Installations pointed out some very specific things needed to tighten building security that had not been considered. Installations also was the only bidder to provide photos of what the finished installation would look like, she said.

The security upgrade also includes adding security glass to the elections window in the clerk’s office.

Township Supervisor Karyn Miller added she had secured for free from Mundy Township a window of higher security glass. It is valued at $4,000, she said.

She also mentioned that the security barriers being purchased for the treasurer’s wing are movable, should the need to do so arise in the future.

Other recent building upgrades include the addition of security doors and a halfwall surrounding the township board dais in the meeting room.

Trustee Tom Klee said he favored the security upgrades to protect employees. On a recent visit to the office of the Genesee County Clerk he saw considerable security additions and asked the workers how they felt about them.

They told him they made them feel even more secure because there had been occasions when customers had reached across the counter to slap a worker in the face, he said.

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