Township board amends soliciting ordinance

FLINT TWP. — An ordinance amendment placing new restrictions on operations of solicitors passed second reading and adoption at the township board meeting Monday night

The changes respond to ongoing complaints about door-to-door sales.

Under new provisions the township clerk will keep a file listing the addresses of those persons that do not want solicitors to enter or call upon their residence and/or business.

Anyone wanting to be added to the list must notify the clerk in writing. That list will be supplied to all future solicitors, prohibiting them from approaching those addresses.

Another ordinance change limits hours of solicitation from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and specifies three months as the maximum amount of time a license will be valid.

The new language exempts the following groups:

1) Persons engaged in the distribution of newspapers.

(2) Persons engaged in soliciting within one (1) mile from their residence for an educational, charitable, and religious or youth organization.

(3) Persons engaged in noncommercial, religious canvassing.

(4) Persons engaged in the distribution of hand bills, signed or unsigned, political or otherwise.

A new section of “prohibited activities’’ includes fixed stands on public property unless rented from the township of Genesee County Road Commission; soliciting in obstructive areas such as streets, alleys, sidewalks s or driveways; curb service; on private property without permission; and harassment of issuing threats in the course of soliciting.

Before final adoption, the board included an addition requested by Trustee Belenda Parker stating that solicitors must wear identification.

The rest of the soliciting ordinance remains unchanged including requirements that applicants for a peddler’s license provide fingerprints and photographs of all solicitors.

All township ordinances can be viewed on the township website under ordnances. The new amendments take effect June 30.

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