Township Board approves 2015 budget

FLINT TWP. — Far different from last year’s standoff, the township board passed its budget on the first try this year. Still two unhappy trustees would not budge in the 5-2 vote to pass the proposed $10,011,038 general fund budget.

Trustees Belenda Parker and Barb Vert voted no. Parker said she would not support it due to expenses and content.

The 2015 budget is about $1.5 million less than the estimated 2014 budget and will not dip into the fund balance which has been steadily dwindling in the past five years or so because it was being used to make up the shortfall between expenses and revenues. The projected fund balance for Dec. 31, 2015 is $3,322,490 compared to a projected end of 2014 fund balance of $3,240,964.

Estimated revenues for 2015 are $10,092,564 (excluding the fund balance) which is about $72,682 higher than estimated 2014 revenues and a 3.47 percent increase.

Police, Fire and General Services Adm. are the highest expenditures, as usual.

The police budget is down about one million dollars from an estimated $4.681 million in 2014 to a projected $3,810 million next year – a 21 percent decrease.

The fire department budget is down about 27.75 percent from $$1,654 million in 2014 to $1,308 million in 2015.

Fire and police departments both will benefit from the newly passed Public Safety Millage budget which is projected to generate revenue of $2,972,300 in 2015. Projected expenses are $$2,416,720 million leaving a 2015 year-end fund balance of $555,580.

General Services Adm. spending also will drop slightly next year to $2,487 million down about 0.46 percent from estimated 2014 expenses of $2,426 million.

Projected 2015 spending is down in several other categories including the election commission (8.18 pct); assessments department (5.30 pct); professional services (30.99 pct.) and the building department (9.20 pct.).

Projected 2015 spending is up for the township board (52.07 percent); the supervisor’s office (10.10 pct.); township hall and grounds (50.63 pct); contribution to the senior citizens center (13.33 pct.) and insurance (21.19 pct.)

Two residents spoke at a Public Hearing before the budget was passed.

Harold Pauley encouraged careful longrange spending to avoid ending up on the verge of bankruptcy again as might have happened next year if the Public Safety Millage had not passed.

Karen Klanseck said she hoped that raises were not included in the budget which would defeat the purpose of the Public Safety millage.

“If you have money for raises, you should have put that toward police and fire (services),“ she said.

Township Supervisor Karyn Miler said the 2015 budgeted would be posted on the township website for anyone who wants to look it over.

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