Township board approves appointments for committees

FLINT TWP. — At its Dec. 21 meeting, the Flint Township Board of Trustees made numerous appointments to township committees and boards. Below is a list of appointees:

Zoning Board of Appeals:

Trustee Tom Klee (Township Board Representative) – Term Exp. 11/2024

Roger Powell – Term Exp. 9/2023

Frank Kasle – (Alternate) Term Exp. 9/2022

Beecher Road CIA:
Clerk Kathy Funk (Supervisor’s

Representative) – Term Exp.
Patty Williams – Term Exp.
K C Bhalgat – Term Exp. 4/2024
Michael Goulet – Term Exp.

Bristol Road CIA:
Trustee Carol Pfaff-Dahl
(Supervisor’s Representative) – Term
Exp. 11/2024
Alicia Gibbons – Term Exp.
Brad Khirfan – Term Exp. 4/2025

Chris Wheeler – Term Exp.

Flint Township DDA:
Trustee Debbe Campbell
(Supervisor’s Representative) –
Term Exp. 11/2024
Win Cooper – Term Exp.
John Gazall – Term Exp. 4/2024
Joanie O’Sullivan-Butler – Term
Exp. 4/2025
Nino Sapone – Term Exp.

Economic Development
Corporation (EDC) board:
Trustee Carol Pfaff-Dahl
(Supervisor’s Representative) –
Term Exp. 11/2024
Treasurer Lisa Anderson –
Term Exp. 11/2024
Trustee Barb Vert – Term Exp.
Dave Huffman – Term Exp.

Building Authority Board:
Tracey Tucker – Term Exp.
John Gazall – Term Exp. 4/2023
Kevin McIntire- Term Exp.

Randy Kilbreath- Term Exp.
Treasurer Lisa Anderson –
Term Exp. 6/2024

The following reappointments
were made to the Genesee
County Metropolitan Planning
Supervisor Karyn Miller
Mike Pifer (TAC)
John Whiteside (Metro
Tracey Tucker (Alternate to
County Planning Commission)

Trustees Debbe Campbell and Barb Vert were appointed to four-year terms on the Flint Township Election Commission.

At the Jan. 4 township board meeting, Trustee Tom Klee was reappointed as Fire Commissioner for a four-year term.

Supervisor Karyn Miller was also reappointed to the Genesee County Roads and Bridges Committee, the Storm Water Advisory Committee, the Genesee County 911 Consortium and the Genesee County Water and Waste Division, Water and Waste Water Advisory Committee. — B.G.