Township board fires police officer

FLINT TWP. — Flint Township Police Officer Matt Needham was discharged Monday night, following an 80 minute closed session by the township Board of Trustees.

After meeting with Steve Shultz and Police Chief George Sippert, the board also called Needham into the hearing, before reconvening to make the unanimous termination decision.

Little discussion preceeded the dismissal.

Trustee Frank Kasle, who made the motion, seconded by township supervisor Karyn Miller, said: “It is my sad duty, as a result of an internal police investigation and upon recommendation of the Chief of Police, I am moving to terminate Officer Matthew Needham from the Flint Township Police Force.”

He said Needham was accused of a violating several police department rules and regulations and making false statements during the investigation and hearing.

Needham, a 17-year member of the force, said he had no comment other than he would appeal the decision through the police union. Union representatives present also declined comment.

After the meeting, Sippert said the rules Needham is accused of violating include failure to perform a duty, inattention to duty, inefficiency in the performance of a duty and knowingly making a false report. He declined further comments on the substance of those accusations.

In voting for the dismissal, treasurer Sandra Wright added “with regret.”

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