Township board makes committee appointments

DAVISON TWP. — After seating four new members on the five-member Board of Trustees, township officials approved appointments to several committees, Dec. 14.

The board, with new members Supervisor Jim Slezak, Treasurer Tim Green, Clerk Mary Miller and Trustee Lori Tallman, joining recently re-elected Trustee Matthew Karr, went ahead with several committee appointments.

The appointments are as follow:

Planning Commission: Tim Green (term ending 12-31-2022), Rob Hollenback (term ending 12-31-2023), Bruce Calhoun (term ending 12-31-2023) and Paul Snyder (term ending 12-31-2023).

Zoning Board of Appeals: Tim Green (term ending 12-31-2021), Eric Hernandez (term ending 12-31-2023), John Jelinek (term ending 12-31-2023), Richard Hill (term ending 12-31- 2023).

Senior Citizens Authority: Lori Tallman (term ending 12-31-2023).

Fire Authority: Jim Slezak (term ending 12-31- 2023), Tim Green (term ending 12-31-2021).

Downtown Development Authority: Jim Slezak (term ending 12-31-2024), Norb Shubert (term ending 12-31-2024), Zak Hawley (term ending 12-31-2024), Craig Stefanko (term ending 12-31-2024).

Genesee County Metro Alliance: Travis Howell (term ending 12-31-2022).

Board of Review: Brian Seigrest (term ending 12-31-2022), John Krueger (term ending 12-31- 2022), Rob Hollenback (term ending 12-31- 2022).

Personnel Committee: Jim Slezak (term ending 11-20-2024), Tim Green (term ending 11-20-2024), Matthew Karr (term ending 11-20- 2024).

Union Bargaining Team: Jim Slezak (term ending 11-20-2024), Gouri Sashital – Attending Lawyer.