Township board retains four-day work week

FLINT TWP. — An attempt to return operating hours at the township hall to five days a week was defeated in a 4-2 vote by the township board at its October 15 meeting.

Trustee George Menoutes first raised the issue at the Sept. 17 board meeting, asking that it be placed for consideration on the Oct. 1 meeting agenda.

That meeting got off to a bumpy start when Menoutes’ request was not met and Township Supervisor Karyn Miler ruled him out of order for insisting it be added.

After a brief debate over lack of documentation, it was agreed that Menoutes’ request would be placed on the Oct. 15 board agenda.

At that meeting, Menoutes presented his case to return the township hall office hours to five days a week.

The township’s four-day work week was implemented as summer hours before being made permanent last year.

Effective since May 31, 2011, the Township Municipal Building is open Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and closed on Fridays.

Other trustees and some residents have previously voiced complaints about the shorter work week including a limited number of days in which to pay water bills in person. Another complaint is that the township hall is open as few as two days during holiday weeks.

Miller presented several documents to show that the shorter work week has saved the township money. That includes gas and electric use and paid overtime. She had also said at previous meetings that changing business hours back to five days would have to be worked out contractually with affected labor unions.

She moved to postpone consideration of changing office hours until after the new treasurer comes on board in late November. Her motion was denied.

The board then voted to keep the current hours with Menoutes and Trustee Frank Menoutes voting against it

A glance ahead at the township’s calendar posted on its website, indicates that the township hall will be open three days during three weeks of November due to Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving Day observances.

Hours of operation will go down to two days during the weeks of Christmas and New Year’s Day because of authorized Friday and Monday closures, according to the calendar.

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