Township board votes for jobs to consolidate

FLINT TWP. — By promoting a parttime worker to a full-time vacancy, the township board is saving money but it was not a unanimous decision.

The board voted 5-2 to hire Sandy Pettigrew to fill a 35-hours a week position for an AFSCME clerical union Utility 2 worker.

Pettigrew has worked part-time for the township since April 2006, assigned to the police department. From 2004-2006, she worked for Hi-Tec Building Service, a contracted janitorial service for the township hall and police station. According to information provided by Township Supervisor Karyn Miller.

With the promotion, Pettigrew’s duties will be split between the police department and the township hall. She will work an estimated 30 hours at the police department and five hours at the township hall on a flexible schedule as duties require.

Pettigrew comes highly recommended by the police chief and other township officials, Miller said.

“I get glowing reports about her performance.” she said.

Trustee Barb Vert who voted against the promotion said it was nothing personal against Pettigrew but she questioned unresolved issues about contractual job descriptions which she has been asking to have updated for years.

“One job description is 14 years old,’’ Vert said.

Miller responded that other than tweaking Pettigrew’s job description provided by Police Chief George Sippert, nothing else can be done to change the language of the contract until it comes up again for renewal.

Trustee Belenda Parker, who cast the other opposing vote, raised questions about the limited amount of time Pettigrew would spend at the township hall compared to the 35 hours spent by the previous worker.

“We are taking one part-time job and one full-time job and combining them to make the most of the resources we have,” Miller said.

She also said the job was posted in-house and there were no other applicants.

A wage schedule indicates that a Utility Worker 2 is paid a hire-in rate of $12.26 per hour which gradually increases to $15.40 after five years on the job.

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