Township building data to be accessible online

FLINT TWP. — A budget amendment of $16,620 spread over two years to put building department information online has been approved by the township board.

Building information will be integrated with online access to tax and assessment info, previously approved by the board.

The amendment approves $8,310 to be spent in each the 2014 and 2015 budget year including $2,200 for training, if needed. The expense will be covered by a $5 increase in base permit fees, with total implementation costs expected to be recouped by the end of next year, said Tracey Tucker, building department director.

A $56,245 upgrade of the building and trade data to BS&A software was approved by the board in January and already included in the 2014 and 2015 budgets. It is replacing an outdated system and equipment.

The upgrades are moving toward shared info between the building, taxes and assessment departments, Tucker said at that time.

BS&A is a Michigan-based leading provider of software products designed specifically for municipal use.

This latest expense will make it possible for the public to view building department information online in addition to tax and assessment info. Building, tax and assessment information on each property will be viewable in one overall file, according to Tucker’s written request for budget approval. Any changes made to the files will be automatically updated across the board in each system.

“This will be a huge step in making our township offices more efficient,’’ Tucker said.

Among services provided by the new system will be permit applications accepted online, tracking of inspection schedules, searchable building details such as addresses and certificates, searchable rental property and online fee payments.

Several other municipalities in Genesee County has also converted to BS&A software.

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