Township denies reconsideration of request from Liquid Sports Bar & Grill

— A request to reconsider an application for a dance permit by Liquid Sports Bar & Grill was denied 2-4 by the Flint Township Board of Trustees at its Nov. 8 meeting. Trustees Frank Kasle and Clerk Kim Courts voted in favor of the reconsideration with Supervisor Karyn Miller, Treasurer Sandra Wright and Trustees Belenda Parker and Barb Vert dissenting. Trustee George Menoutes was not at the meeting.

Court brought the issue to the board, saying she received a letter from Roger G. Isaac, attorney for Nick Perkovic, owner of the business. In the letter, Isaac asked for a request for the reconsideration, writing that he “spoke to Lt. Tim Jones, and he is sending in the denial to the MLCC today, but I thought I would try and have a hearing to reconsider the denial.”

Vert questioned the activities at the business before the vote.

“Even though the violations are resolved and the fines have been paid, what do we do about the other things,” she asked. “On St. Patrick’s Day, there were young girls out there scantily dressed, and I mean scantily.”

Miller said residents near Liquid Sports Bar & Grill have “pleaded with the township for them to not be there.”

The township previously denied the owner’s request for a dance permit at its Oct. 18 meeting. During its Oct. 18 meeting, the board voted 5-2 against the request and at the time, Miller said the denial was due to “the majority of the board was not in favor.”

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