Township disburses PEG funds to local school districts

FLINT TWP. — The Board of Trustees voted to disburse $9,000 in available PEG (Public, Educational, Government Access Television) funds to Carman-Ainsworth Community Schools, Flushing Community Schools and Swartz Creek Community Schools. Carman- Ainsworth will receive $5,000, while Flushing and Swartz Creek will each get $2,000.

PEG funds are gathered by municipalities from cable TV provider franchise fees and can be used for special projects, such as installing livestreaming capabilities for council or board meetings. Municipalities can also disburse the funds to local school districts, which can in turn use the money for media classes and/or programs.

Flint Township’s disbursed PEG funds will benefit media programs at each of the recipient school districts, including Carman-Ainsworth Middle School’s News Network program, Flushing High School and Flushing Middle School media programs and Swartz Creek High School’s “Into the Creek” news show. — B.G.