Township engineer outlines several construction projects

FLINT TWP. — The township is working on several street paving projects still this summer, as well as the planned resurfacing of the Carman- Ainsworth Senior Center parking lot.

Mike Pifer, of Craft Engineering in Flint, gave an update to the Flint Township Board of Trustees Aug. 20. Pifer said the township has three projects planned which will get underway soon.

The first is the relocation of the driveway at the township hall, coming in off Dye Road next to Reuben Drive. Pifer said that has always been a problem because it’s not supposed to be that close.

“It creates a vision problem, when you’re turning into the drive northbound, you can’t see people coming out of sewer and water (department) door,” said Pifer. “It’s a safety issue. People walking back and forth with and not much room on the road. It’s not good location for driveway.”

He said the solution is to remove the drive, create some landscaping to remind people the drive is no longer there, and relocate the entrance drive to the township hall off Reuben Drive on the west side of the building.

Pifer said the reconstruction will create a wider driveway, a sign will be erected on the northwest side of the building to direct sewer and water traffic and a new sidewalk will extend northeasterly and easterly. The cost estimate for the entire project is $37,000, but Pifer said he thinks that is high. Cost could run lower depending on how bids come back.

He said he will draw up final plans and specifications for bids, in a couple weeks.

The second project coming up in Flint Township is the rehabilitation of the parking lot at the Carman-Ainsworth Senior Citizen Center, G-3475 Court St.

Pifer said money for that project is federal Community Development Block Grant funds.

Currently, the project is out for bids. There are two lots, both built about 30 years ago. Both in now disrepair.

“One hundred thousand dollars isn’t enough to rebuild the lot, but we can improve and rehab it,” said Pifer. “There are potholes and cracks, lots of un-level payment. This could make it last another 10-15 years. My estimate is $135,000 to rehabilitate both parking lots.”

The plan would be to grind off the top two inches of asphalt, select an area where it’s deteriorated, take it out, the refill it with two-inches of asphalt over the whole lot. Pifer said the township could delete the east lot if it has have to in order to save money.

Bids are scheduled to be opened Aug. 29 at 2 p.m. with a report planned for the Sept. 4 meeting to hear the result of the bid process before the project proceeds.

The third project involves using the millage for road improvements passed by voters a few years ago. Over the years, Pifer said, the millage has been used for a couple of purposes but not many petitions have been approved over the last 5-6 years.

Using the road millage, Pifer said the township has looked at 10 locations across the community and has focused on the southeast quadrant north to Maple Road and east to VanSlyke.

“Those are some of the worst PASER ratings,” said Pifer, referring to The PASER scale, a 1-10 rating system for road pavement condition developed by the University of Wisconsin- Madison Transportation Information Center. PASER uses visual inspection to evaluate pavement surface conditions. “It would cost $700-800,000 to do it all.”

Pifer proposed rehabilitating Judd Road off VanSlyke Road, 3,100 feet to the east. Ashlawn Street from Peachwood to Judd. And one entrance into the subdivision, Old Carriage from Maple Road to Peachtree Street.

“That’s almost 6,000 feet of road,” said Pifer. “The best manner we can proceed with would be to upgrade to an acceptable minimal standard.”

With matching money from the road commission, he said the project would come in around an estimated $408,000 total, with about $204,000 as the township’s total. Pifer said there will be more to report about the project after Labor Day weekend.

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