Township enters into agreement with Brinks

FLINT TWP. — The Board of Trustees voted March 2 to enter into a contract with Brinks Compusave for weekly pickup of cash at the township offices at a cost of $517 a month.

Treasurer Lisa Anderson said the move is an effort to secure the township’s resources,

“We know there was a robbery at the bank where we take our particular funds and on that particular day our staff was headed that way, and this is just a way to secure our employees and the township’s resources as we talked about,” said Anderson. “This will be on a trial basis to see how it goes. Both the township and Brinks can end the contract with a 30-day written notice.”

Because most funds taken in at the township officer come through the water and sewer department, Anderson said the township will charge 60 percent of the cost for the Brinks contract to that budget and the other 40 percent will come from the treasury department.

Trustee Tom Klee said he noticed there was a $65 per hour surcharge if Brinks has to go anywhere else other than the township offices to pick up money. He asked if it would be necessary to have Brinks pick-up funds from all township buildings, but Anderson said all the funds end up in the treasurer’s department.

“It’s automatically getting dropped there,” she said.

Anderson said Brinks still must send someone out and determine where the safe needs to be located. The equipment, she said, is included in the pricing but the township will have to pay $350 if they cancel the contract early and Brinks has to come get their equipment.