Township extends moratorium until March

— The township’s moratorium on medical marijuana has been extended to March 2011 after the Board of Trustees unanimously approved the extension at its Nov. 22 meeting. The board also approved sending the issue back the planning commission for further discussion.

Flint Township has had a moratorium on medical marijuana and businesses/organizations related to medical marijuana for several months. At its Oct. 4 meeting, an attempt to regulate medical marijuana businesses by passing an ordinance was defeated by the board. The amendment, which was passed by the township’s planning commission, was voted down by the Board of Trustees due to ambiguity in the language and the fact that the state and federal laws regarding medical marijuana are conflicting.

Citing “the health, safety and welfare of its residents to be its main priority” and that the trustees “do not wish to endanger its residents by inaction,” the moratorium extension covers medical marijuana dispensaries, clubs, meeting places, centers, nurseries, etc.

During the Nov. 22 meeting, Tracey Tucker, economic enhancement director, said that since no action had been taken by the board on the proposed ordinance, the township wished to extend the moratorium until March 2011.

The referring of the moratorium back to the planning commission prompted Trustee Barb Vert to question Tucker and the planning commission.

“Have any planning commission meetings not been held this year due to lack of work, any sub-committees meetings?” she asked Tucker.

Tucker said that the planing commission met several times regarding the moratorium. “Nobody gives us input except for at (board) meetings,” she said.

Supervisor Karyn Miller asked Tucker to give the board information on the planning commission subcommittee in case one of the board members would like to sit on the sub-committee. Tucker said she believed board members were not allowed on the sub-committee or should be able to “influence” the planning commission.

“I would like input from the board, but I’m concerned because there are a lot of rules with the planning commission and I don’t think the board can be involved,” she said. The planning commission meetings are open to the public, and Tucker invited the board members to the meetings as audience members.

The planning commission’s next meeting is 7 p.m. Dec. 9 at the township offices, 1490 S. Dye Rd. Details: Call 810-732-1350 or visit

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