Township fire data going on the road

FLINT TWP. — The $14,517 purchase of a new mobile computerized database for the township fire department was recently approved by the township board.

The tablet type equipment can be used out in the field during fire inspections and for fire preplan activities.

It will allow fire personnel to enter data directly into computers on fire trucks and to access it from a cellphone, said Fire Chief John Ringwelski.

The bulk of costs for the equipment will be paid for with a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) grant of $12,894, The township’s 20 percent share of costs is $1,572 and is already budgeted, he said.

“This system will speed up our inspection process by directly putting all data into our fire trucks, desk computers, Smart phones and any other related devices, giving us more time to conduct the actual surveys and quicker access to this critically important data,’’ Ringwelski said, adding that it will also reduce volumes of paperwork.

A quote from Mobileeyes indicates $11,379 in one-time expenses for the system and $3.138 in recurring costs.

An initial costs break down includes about $1,798 in training fees, $3,447 for the computer equipment, and $6,276 for software subscription and maintenance fees.

Speed, organization and increased productivity are among benefits touted.

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