Township learns of new garbage services with Richfield Management, LLC

— Township residents learned the details of the new garbage contract with Richfield Management, LCC at the Flint Township Board of Trustees meeting Nov. 22. Dan Garman of Richfield Management, LLC, gave a presentation to the board and residents on the services the company will provide.

Supervisor Karyn Miller introduced the presentation, saying the township had solicited bids for the garbage contract and received three: Richfield Management, Waste Management and Republic. Of the three, RIchfield Management was the lowest bidder at $4,461,612. Waste Management came in at $5,139,060 and Republic came in at $4,845,732. By going with Richfield Management, taxpayers are saving 15.18 percent or $677,448 over Waste Management; savings over Republic is 8.61 percent or $384,120.

Garman said the new service will begin Jan. 3 and includes a number of perks that residents previously did not have.

Richfield Management offers extended service to up to 500 township residents who are handicapped or need assistance getting their trash out, at no additional charge. The company also will pick up two, bulky items per week per residential household at no additional charge. Households with more than two items need to contact Richfield Management in advance.

Richfield Management also provides additional dumping for residents with residents having one dump per month, per household. “This means that residents will have the ability to drive to the landfill to dispose of large items or additional waste at no charge,” Garman said.

Another perk for residents is in the manner of “going green.” Richfield Management offers weekly, curbside recycling/compost to its normal service, in addition to allowing resident to participate in the Rewards for Recycling Program. Rewards for Recycling is a community based program that provides a Club-Based system providing rewards to residents encouraging curbside recycling participation. Every resident in the township is a member of the program, which is based on community participation.

Rewards for Recycling provides every resident in the community with a Recycling Identifier tag(s) to be placed on their recycling bin. The R4R recycling identifier tag is automatically scanned each time a recycling container appears for pick up, and the household is given credit for having recycled during that period. Participation in the program gives residents access to valuable savings certificates from local merchants. Each time a household recycles, it receives access to higher value rewards for a period of time and are given opportunity to win periodic prizes.

“Rewards can be spent in Genesee County,” Garman said, adding the program benefits the entire community.

Each household will receive a new recycling bin, along with an information packet from Richfield Management that details its services, what items can and cannot be recycled and the Recycling for Rewards program. The bins and information packets will be delivered to every household beginning Dec. 20.

Other additional services to be provided by Richfield Management, at no additional cost, include providing up to eight dumpsters at the township’s request for community clean-up areas; Freon removal for all appliances that require service; and public education where the company will provide any and all materials needed to educate the public on recycling and proper disposal of solid waste and yard waste.

Residents with questions regarding Richfield Management, LLC or any services to be provided can contact the township at 810-732-1350 or visit Richfield Management’s website at www.richfieldmanagement.


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