Township mailing gets upgrade

FLINT TWP. — After being a workhorse for five years, the township’s Neopost postal meter broke down in the middle of mailing out winter tax bills.causing mailing issues while it was out for major repair, said Clerk Kathy Funk.

The township board has unanimously approved Funk’s request to replace the equipment.

The lease on the technologically dated Neopost postal machine expires in March, Funk said. The township is eligible for a Neopost purchase program that allow it to get a new machine within the final six months of a current lease.

The Personnel Committee reviewed various models of meters and decided on the IN-700. Its most important feature is a PIN system for each department, Funk said.

“Each person using the meter will have to key in a PIN for his or her department. The meter tracks how much postage is being used by each department.

That information can then be downloaded onto a flash drive and then uploaded into an EXCEL spreadsheet”

That process will simply the process of tracking postage for budgeting purpose, she said.

Postage meter costs will rise minimally. The current lease costs approximately $209 per month and will remain in effect through March, 2017. The new lease cost will be $217.71 per month for five years. The first year of maintenance on the meter is free.

Seventy (70) percent of the lease amount will be charged to Hall &Grounds budget and the remaining 30 percent to Sewer and Water, Funk said.

The old meter had outdated technology. The new one is Internet connected with access to powerful APPS, according to a spec sheet. It is equipped with a Postal Rate Wizard offering guided selection of 140 United States Postal Service rates and services.

It has a mixed-size automatic feeder capable of handling different sizes and shapes of mailings without manual adjustment and can process up to 140 letters per minute.

Additional features include eight sand and to customizable ad slogans, customizable text messages; date marking for incoming mail; PIN protection for up to 50 operators and account tracking for up to 70 departments.

It also is green-rated, signifying its use of strategies and materials to reduce or eliminate environmental impact.

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