Township not buying tax reverted properties

FLINT TWP. — Vacant residential lots in the upscale Flagstone Pointe and Lakeview on the River subdivisions were among 148 tax reverted properties offered for purchase to the township before going on the auction block.

The cash-strapped board unanimously agreed not to exercise first dibs to buy any of the 2012 foreclosed properties from a list provided by the Genesee County Treasurer’s Office. The board would have to act before July 9 if interested in any of the parcels.

Supervisor Karyn Miller said township assessor had reviewed the list.

Miller said the properties will move on to two public auctions – the first imposing a minimum bid and, if not sold, the second to open bidding.

Unsold properties will be deeded to the Genesee County Land Bank.

Seven of the eight Flagstone parcels are on Boulder Drive, the newer second-phase development of the subdivision.

A commercial property has the biggest arrears of those on the list. Brookstone Valley Apartments on Flushing Road which is being torn down this summer was condemned and vacated last fall due to an unpaid water bill and unsafe living conditions. It has a delinquent tax bill of $245,608 including interest and fees. A vacant commercial lot next to it also is on the list with back taxes owing of $3209.

A four-unit apartment building in the Hunters Ridge subdivision is also listed, with total taxes due of $11,678.

One improved residential property, delinquent since 2006, has back taxes owing in excess of $44,870.

Other hefty tax bills include a residential improved property with a

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