Township OKs foreclosure plan

FLINT TWP. — In an effort to resell foreclosed abandoned properties before they become blighted, the township has signed up for accelerated forfeiture action, spearheaded by Genesee County Treasurer Deb Cherry.

The township board unanimously passed a resolution, presented by Tracey Tucker, economic enhancement director, that will allow it to lop a year off the usual 25- month forfeiture period.

Tucker said that during the foreclosure waiting period abandoned properties are becoming blighted to the point no one will buy them.

Cherry visited the board last November to discuss the accelerated plan but it was too late for the board to act for 2012. The resolution must be in place by Oct. 1 for the township’s relevant abandoned properties to be eligible for posting in the spring of the following year, Tucker said.

The accelerated forfeiture procedure is detailed but generally involves first notifying the owner of record that the property is tagged to be placed on the accelerated forfeiture list. If there is no response, the forfeiture procedure follows prescribed steps.

Passing the resolution is the first step in the process, Tucker said.

The resolution states that “certification’’ of tax delinquent abandoned property will result in activation of the accelerated forfeiture law under the General Property Tax Act.

The speedier process is aimed at reducing blight, crime and decay.

The resolution serves as notification to township property owners that abandoned tax delinquent property will be “identified and inspected’’ and may then become subject to the accelerated reclamation process.

Tucker said the resolution was requested by Cherry. The county views the procedure as a way to get abandoned properties to auction faster before they accumulate so much back tax that no one wants to buy them, Tucker said.

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