Township outlines plans for federal CDBG funds

DAVISON TWP. — The township will submit four possible projects to Genesee County for use of its 2022-24 Community Development Block Grant funds, in the sum of $159,430.

The board approved the projects at its Nov. 9 meeting. The projects include: Reconstruction and repaving of the Davison Senior Citizen Center parking lot, a dumpster enclosure at the senior center and a new heating and air conditioning unit for the senior center.

A fourth use of the money, or remaining funds, would be a donation to Outreach East.

The estimated cost of the parking lot at the senior center is $129,000, while the dumpster enclosure is $29,000 and the HVA unit is $6,750.

“We have to make sure we have enough projects to cover the allocation, and then some, in case something comes in under budget,” said Supervisor Tim Elkins.

The parking lot project would involve the removal of four inches of blacktop, putting in a fresh base coat and top coat and then cut a curb for the dumpster so the garbage truck can maneuver.

The lot is 20-years old, said officials.

“I have to say I’m very excited funding is available for the parking lot,” said Clerk Cindy Shields. “That’s a project we’ve been trying to get to for years. This is a really awesome opportunity.”

“It’s gotten busier and busier,” said Trustee Travis Howell. “It really needs it.”

Elkins said Outreach East is asking for money and it is eligible for the federal government funds because the county has approved, making them eligible. Outreach East could receive funds on an ongoing basis, he said, because it serves the community’s moderate to low income people.

“They are in need like all non-profits,” said Elkins. “They are all struggling in this crazy economy.”

Trustee Matthew Karr and Shields said they were both concerned giving CDBG money to Outreach East would be opening the door for other service organizations to ask for funds.

Elkins said other nonprofits would need to meet county approval to qualify for the federal CDBG funds.

The four uses of the money will be submitted to the county for approval. If approved the projects will be allowed to move ahead.