Township passes on purchase of foreclosed property

FLINT TWP. —About 78 foreclosed township properties are headed for public auction and possibly the growing ranks of land controlled by the Genesee County Land Bank.

The township board unanimously approved last week returning to county control a list of tax reverted properties submitted by Genesee County Clerk Deb Cherry.

Clerk Kim Courts said the township assessor reviewed the properties and recommended they be returned to the county.

Under state law, all parcels foreclosed by the treasurer’s office must be first offered for purchase to the township, city of village where located. The purchase must be made prior to the public auction.

The list includes nine parcels with total taxes and fees due in excess of $10,000.

The biggest past due debt of $36,076.58 for Lennon Road property has a delinquency dating back to 2007.

Another parcel on Flushing Road has taxes owing of $29,172.94 with a delinquency dating back to 2009.

A third parcel on Augusta Street has taxes owing of $8,735 and has been delinquent since 2003.

Trustee Frank Kasle asked why the parcel was allowed to stay out of foreclosure for 10 years.

Tracey Tucker, building director, said it was probably due to a bankruptcy which prevents foreclosure.

Other parcels with sizable taxes due includes a parcel on Westwood Drive, $13,434.54 dating back to 2009; Graham Road, $10,950.69 dating back to 2010; Orr Street, $10,541.05 due; dating back to 2009; Brown Street, $18,456.80 due, dating back to 2009; Arlene Drive, $15,893.83 due dating back to 2007; Fenton Road; $15,210 dating back to 2010; W. Bristol Road, $15,214.25, since 2010; and Old Colony Drive, $$14.352.16, since 2010.

The law allows the township to purchase properties on the list for public use. The cost is the lesser of either the minimum bid or fair market value.

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