Township plans road improvements for 2020

FLINT TWP. — The township’s road advisory committee recently made its recommendations for road repairs in 2020.

Mike Whiteside from the road advisory committee said the past several months have been hard while developing a 2020 road plan. The committee, he said, is charged with the task of getting the most repairs with the limited money the township has from the Genesee County Road Commission and what it earns from the road millage.

As a committee, Whiteside said the group works to balance between the available 50/50 monies that come with guidelines from the road commission and what the township’s road millage generates.

“The road commission’s rules are pretty strict, and the townships money from the millage is to pay for other things like ditching, general maintenance, subdivision roads and special assessments that need to be covered,” he said.

Whiteside said the committee wants to spend all of the allocated 50/50 money from the road commission, which is $170,000, but in order to use that money they must have $170,000 to go with it in matching dollars.

One project the committee put forward was refused by the road commission, so he said they are going to try and roll over the money to next year – but it must be spent in that year. Overall, they are pushing $67,500 to 2021.

Projects the committee recoomended to the township board for approval include:

Dye Road from Miller Road to I-69

Dye Road from Maple to I-69 (50/50)

Gerald Street from VanSyke Road to Kentwood Avenue

Gerald Court from Gerald Street to the end

Westminster Drive from Kingswood Drive to the end

Kingswood Drive from Westminster Drive to the end

Dorellen Avenue from Corunna Road to Court Street

Crown will be added to some roads if they fit into the 2020 budget

Total cost is $489,000 and the township will receive $465,000 from all monies.

2020 road projects

Mike Pifer, project manager with Kraft Engineering & Surveying, said the roads being recommended for improvements are all rated 2-3 on the PASER scale. PASER is an acronym for Pavement Surface Evaluation and Rating system. It is a system for visually rating the surface condition of a pavement from a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being a pavement in a failed condition and 10 being a pavement in excellent condition.

“These are roads all in need of repair,” said Pifer. “This is the best package to go with.”

He said the plan still includes a $67,000 transfer to the 2021 construction season. Pifer went on to commend Supervisor Karyn Miller and the road advisory committee for getting these recommendations ready so the projects can be put out for bid out in the spring.

The Flint Township Board of Trustees approved the plans for the 2020 construction season.