Township refuses possession of tax reverted properties

FLINT TWP. —Apparently no one wants the white frame house at 1236 Peachwood Drive, not even the township.

The one-story corner house had a State Equalized Value of $40,700 in 2011 and last sold for $110,000 in 1999, according to public records, but something about it must not be very attractive now. It was one of 27 foreclosed properties in the township that did not sell at county tax auctions in 2011. By state law, ownership reverts to the township unless it objects, which the Board of Trustees did by a unanimous vote at its Dec. 19 meeting.

Supervisor Karyn Miller said all properties on the list, some of them vacant lots, had been reviewed by the assessing department which recommended they not be kept.

“So these are all worthless as far as the township is concerned?” asked trustee Frank Kasle.

Miller declined to call them worthless but said the assessing department had determined their value to not be worth the township holding on to them.

“All of these are in neighborhoods and I don’t believe the township would want to take possession of these properties and have to maintain them,’’ she said. “ We are not a real estate company.”

Miller said there was a map available of the listed properties but a condition report was not provided. Homes that sit vacant for awhile are sometimes vandalized or accrue expensive delinquent tax bills that can turn off potential buyers. The Peachwood property had one of the highest SEV’s of those on the list, which in better economic times would have made its market value at least $81,000. Neighboring houses currently are valued at about $65,000 to $171,000 and a nearby house on the same street sold in March 2011 for $62,000, according to property information on,

By law, title to the rejected parcels will go to the Genesee County Land Bank which is facing severe budget cuts for 2012 that could hinder its ability to maintain its’ properties countywide. The list of Flint Township rejects includes three parcels on Lavelle Road, two on Flushing Road, three on Mitson Blvd., two on Hatherly Street and two on Helber Street including one at 3401 with a 2011 SEV of $30,000. Also listed were properties on Barth, Emerson, Meida, Brown, Decamp, Mallery and Nedra streets; parcels on Graham and Lambden roads; Hogarth, Whitney and Scottwood avenues and one each on Kissner and Arlene drives.

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