Township to build new parking lot entrance

FLINT TWP. — Flint Township will spend up to $47,000 to create a new entryway to the Administration Building parking lot at 4190 S. Dye Road.

The current entryway does not meet code requirements and presents a safety concern for pedestrians, particularly the elderly, and vehicles, according to Township Supervisor Karyn Miller. The project will include pavement removal, a culvert, concrete sidewalk, curbing and gutter, signage, pavement marking, shrubbery, turf restoration and crack sealing.

Mike Pifer of Kraft Engineering & Surveying said the work was to have been done last fall, but there wasn’t enough time to complete the project. He also asked to be able to move ahead without the normal bid-letting process because the May 6 board meeting has been canceled in order for the Clerk’s Department to prepare for the May 7 school election.

“This is so we don’t have to wait until the May 20 board meeting,” Pifer said. “It’ll save two weeks, and we’ll be able to have a contractor ready to go June 1.”

With the project not being let for bids, Pifer said he intentionally made the $47,000 estimate high. He said the work should cost less.

The new entryway will be opened off Reuben Street, and the work will take about a week to complete. The current entryway will remain open while the new one is under construction. Once the new entryway is complete, the old one will be closed.

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