Township to share costs for new traffic signal

FLINT TWP. — The township board has approved an agreement with the Genesee County Road Commission to share costs for installing a traffic signal at the intersection of Linden Road and Linden Creek Parkway.

A signal at the intersection is needed due to a recent bridge posting on Linden Road that reroutes truck traffic, according to a letter from Bonnie Wood, traffic engineering manager for the road commission. Without a signal, making a left turn from Linden Creek Pkwy to Linden Road is difficult for commercial truck traffic, she said. The semi-actuated stop-and-go traffic signal will allow those vehicles to maneuver safely.

Based on the road classification, the road commission will pay 67 percent of the $51,100 installation cost ($34,237) with the township responsible for the remaining 33 percent ($16,863). Maintenance and operation costs also will be shared at those percentages.

The installation is planned to take place this year, Wood stated.

Truck traffic on South Linden Road has been subject to controversy in recent months.

David Fish, a resident of nearby Maple Road, spoke during public comment, urging the township board to approve the signal agreement.

Since a roundabout was placed on Bristol Road, truck traffic has significantly increased on Maple Road, Fish said, noting he has seen as many as four semis waiting at the light to make a left turn.

“If we can get (the signal agreement) passed, this would help up immensely on Maple Road,” Fish said.

Fish began attending every township board meetings last September seeking relief from semi-trucks and other commercial traffic rumbling past his home at all hours of the day and night.

Fish said that the unwelcome traffic started heavily using Maple Avenue after road signs were removed that had directed commercial traffic to use nearby Linden Creek Parkway.

The area in question on the border of Flint and Mundy Townships falls under a mixture of jurisdictions – Flint and Mundy townships, the City of Flint and the Genesee County Road Commission.

Maple Avenue was recently repaved, making a smoother ride, while Linden Creek Parkway is in need of repair for which the City of Flint is responsible.

Township Supervisor Karyn Mille noted that Maple Road was repaved using federal funds, qualifying it to be used as a public road – which is why the signs were removed directing truck traffic to Linden Creek Parkway.

She and other municipal officials met several months ago to discuss solutions for the area.

Miller said the township’s share of costs for the traffic signal could be paid out of township road millage funds.

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