Township to upgrade police booking system

— The Flint Township Police Department will receive an upgrade to its “Crossmatch” system after the township’s Board of Trustees authorized the upgrade at its Sept. 7 meeting.

Police Chief George Sippert submitted a letter to the board in support of the upgrade. Sippert said the system, which is located in the booking area of the police department, gives officers the ability to positively identify individuals within minutes using their fingerprints. Individuals place their fingers on a scanner, which creates a digital record of their fingerprints. The prints are immediately sent via data link to the state and federal record systems for immediate comparison to existing fingerprint records.

“If an individual gives us a wrong name or information, we’ll know immediately,” he said. If a discrepancy is discovered, the officer will receive notification and other system are used to secure the individual’s proper identification.

Sippert said the department’s current system was purchased 10 years ago with Local Law Enforcement Block Grant at a cost of $49,391. Since the purchase, the system has only been upgraded once in 2004. The total cost of the upgrade is $22,146.41, which includes a four-year, support contract. Sippert said the entire cost of the upgrade will be funded through the department’s 2007 Justice Awareness Grant (JAG) funds.

With an upgrade, the system will have a new scanner that will scan fingerprints and palm prints, giving officers the ability to compare both types of prints of arrested individuals to open case files throughout the country. “The current scanner has been experiencing operational problems during time of high humidity. This upgrade, which includes software and hardware, will alleviate these problems,” Sippert wrote in his letter.

Also at the meeting, Supervisor Karyn MIller told the board that she had received an offer of $14,600 from Thetford Township’s unspent 50/50 funds to help pay for the repaving and widening of Dye Road between Calkins Road and Beecher Road. The board unanimously approved to accept the 50/50 funds from Thetford Township for the project.

In other news:

The board unanimously approved the disbursement of second quarter PEG money to Carman-AInsworth Community Schools, Swartz Creek Community Schools and Flushing Community Schools for those districts to use the money to buy equipment for broadcasting purposes. The districts then send the programming to Comcast and AT & T for the providers to air on local channels.

The board unanimously approved the township’s 2010 Millage Rate. The millage rate, which has not changed, is 4.6423 mills for operating; .5 mills for roads; .25 mills for the fire department; and .5 mills for the police department.

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