Township upgrading BS&A software system

FLINT TWP. —A $56,245 upgrade to BS&A software was unanimously approved by the township board Monday night, and is expected to integrate and improve accessibility of building, tax and assessment records, said Tracey Tucker, township building director.

Information she presented to the board explained that the cost is included in the 2014 budget and would be paid over two years.

The purchase price covers software, hardware and an annual service fee of $4,290, Tucker said.

Initial costs also include hardware purchases of $7,334.45 which breaks down to about $1,125 in computer upgrades and $6,209 for computer tablets to be used by field inspectors.

Itemized software costs include $23,120 for the a building department. NET application, $5,500 for a field inspection .NET application, $19,650 for data conversion from the current system, $2,475 for implementation and $5,500 for training.

“What we are trying to move toward is our building, taxes and assessment all sharing the same info,” Tucker said. “Hopefully this will streamline the process and change how we do business,”

All changes to a property made in the new system will automatically be updated in each system, she said.

Also building and code enforcement officials will be able to view info while out in the field which should increase efficiency, she said.

Township Supervisor Karyn Miller noted that it would provide access to upto date information on abandoned buildings for police and fire personnel to use.

Tucker said the current system is outdated and would have to be replaced with something else if not BS& A.

BS&A is a Michigan-based leading provider of software products designed specifically for municipal use.

According to its website, the building and field inspection applications are virtually identical but the later was engineered for inspectors to be able to take their database out into the field with them. Data entered into either application is updated so that office and field workers both have instant access to the most recent records of permits, code enforcement, certificates, inspections and other community related data.

Trustee George Menoutes asked about the length of the BS&A contract and what happens if the township is short of funds in 2015 and can’t pay the bill.

MIller responded that that is not going to happen.

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