Township votes 6-1 to extend moratorium on medical marijuana

FLINT TWP. — During a special meeting held March 1, the Flint Township Board of Trustees voted 6-1, with Trustee Barb Vert dissenting, to extend the moratorium on medical marijuana uses including, but not limited to dispensaries, clubs, centers, clinics and nurseries. The four-month extension will expire on July 1; the township’s previ- ous moratorium expired March 1.

The moratorium states that Flint Township “considers the health, safety and welfare of its residents to be its main priority” and the township “does not feel that the Medical Marihuana Act is clear.” The document also states that the township’s Code of Ordinances “does not address Medical Marihuana dispensaries, clubs, meeting places, centers, clinics nurseries, etc.”

Vert said that she voted against the extension of the moratorium because the township “needs to move on it.”

“We need to get the facts straight and all the information correct and move forward on this as soon as possible,” she said.

Flint Township has had a moratorium on medical marijuana and businesses/organizations related to medical marijuana for several months. At its Oct. 4, 2010, meeting, an attempt to regulate medical marijuana businesses by passing an ordinance was defeated by the board. The amendment, which was passed by the township’s planning commission, was voted down by the Board of Trustees due to ambiguity in the language and the fact that the state and federal laws regarding medical marijuana are conflicting.

At the March 1 meeting, township officials said that the Planning Commission is creating a new ordinance regarding medical marijuana use and the text amendment for the Code of Ordinances was introduced at the meeting. The proposed ordinance would amend Chapter 14 of the Charter Township of Flint Ordinances.

For more information, call the Flint Township offices at 810-732- 1350 or stop by at 1490 S. Dye Rd. Details: Visit

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