Township water now provided by KWA

FLINT TWP. – As of December 15, water from the new Karegnondi Water Authority (KWA) pipeline began flowing into the township, according to a press announcement from the Genesee County Drain Commissioner’s Office.

Flint Township is one of seven communities in the southern portion of Genesee County now served by KWA via a new state-of-the-art treatment plant. Other communities also brought online are Clayton Township, Gaines Township, Mundy Township, Grand Blanc Township, Swartz Creek City and Burton City. KWA water service is now complete to all of Genesee County.

Three weeks ago, KWA began delivering treated Lake Huron water to residents in the Northern Loop consisting of Davison Township, Flushing Township, Montrose Township, Mt Morris Township, Richfield Township, Thetford Township, Vienna Township, Genesee Township, City of Clio, City of Flushing, City of Mt Morris and the City of Montrose. The Karegnondi Pipeline (KWA) delivers water from the same source — Lake Huron – as previously received from the Detroit pipeline

The delivery of Genesee County treated water comes after months of rigorous testing. The Genesee County plant has been fully operational since July, treating drinking water that meets and exceeds DEQ and EPA standards. This 4-month test period allowed water plant staff, which includes some of the most experienced water operators in the United States, to have the highest confidence in the treatment process and the drinking water being delivered to residents.

The drinking water will be tested constantly.

Multiple levels of testing occur every shift, every day. In addition to on-site testing, split samples are taken and tested off site by additional Genesee County staff, as well as independent experts. This ensures the integrity of the testing procedures.

“We understand the importance of water safety,” said Jeff Wright, Genesee County Drain Commissioner. “Our plant mirrors the first-class treatment process conducted by our (former) water supplier, the Great Lakes Water Authority (Detroit).”

“Our system employs 3 F1 level licensed operators, the highest certification attainable, when only 1 licensed operator is required. Every action we have taken in planning, constructing, and operating our plant has been painstakingly thorough and deliberate. Every action we have taken has been done with the thought of safety and reliability in mind.”

Wright also reported that over the past three weeks, northern tier residents experienced a seamless transition to the Genesee County water system and he expected the same experience for Flint Township, Burton, Grand Blanc and other communities brought online in the second and final phase.

“This is another momentous day for our County, as we begin to deliver our own Genesee County water to each and every resident on our system,” Wright said. “It is the culmination of a project that broke ground in 2013. It was then that this region decided we had to put an end to the double digit rate increases on our drinking water, implement a redundant back-up water supply for our residents, and create a more stable system. Today, we begin a new era in water supply…on a system that accomplishes these goals, and one that is owned, operated, and controlled by the residents of this community.”

Residents with questions or concerns about their drinking water, should contact the water plant at 810-793-5123 – 7:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Monday thru Friday or at after hours at 810-762-3626 .

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